• Tour Reedy Creek Fire Station #1

    Today we are going where few guests ever get to venture – inside fire station #1 for the Reedy Creek Fire Department. Located between EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios it sees many calls throughout the day. Reedy Creek Emergency Services provides fire protection and emergency medical services to everyone inside…

  • [Video] Animatronic Hand
    [Video] Animatronic Hand

    In the old Odyssey restaurant at EPCOT there is currently a temporary annual passholder lounge where they’re converting paper tickets to the new RFID enabled plastic tickets. In the lobby is a fun collection of objects from the history of the resort. One of them is a functioning animatronic hand….

  • Big Rumors
    Big Rumors

    I’m hearing some very interesting rumors about projects at Walt Disney World. I can’t vouch for their 100% accuracy, but I thought I’d share none-the-less. At least one of these will forever change the way you experience the parks and resorts. There’s the recently posted Fantasyland expansion for the Magic…

  • Precision Dynamics’ Microchip Wristband
    Precision Dynamics’ Microchip Wristband

    In the Los Angeles Times, Hugo Martín writes about Precision Dynamics’ microchip wristband, which has uses at places like the Disney resorts. The wristbands use the same technology as electronic tollbooths, security key cards and the newest U.S. passports. But at Precision Dynamics, this sophisticated electronic know-how has found its niche at…

  • RFID at Disney Parks
    RFID at Disney Parks

    RFID, or Radio Frequency ID, is a way of tracking things without having to physically scan the item. Just proximity to an RFID Scanner confirms the presence of the item. All new US Passports have them. Your credit cards likely have them. It’s rumored that your Disney resort room key…

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