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Tokyo Disneyland Resort Posts Unsurprising Decline

To no one’s surprise Oriental Land Company, the operating company for Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, reported a sizable revenue decline for the previous quarter. The after effects of the March 11th earthquake meant a 43% drop in revenue over the same quarter last year.… Read More »Tokyo Disneyland Resort Posts Unsurprising Decline

Disneyland Paris Revenue Up 8.5%

Disneyland Paris released its revenue numbers for the first fiscal quarter of 2011 and the news is good. Over all revenue increased by 8.5%. Most of that increase came in the lodging side. A 14% increase in hotel revenue was the result of more bookings… Read More »Disneyland Paris Revenue Up 8.5%

Disney Results Today

The Walt Disney Company releases it’s second quarter results today and stock prices are already up over the last few days in expectation. Fortune magazine looks at why this may be. theme park revenue matters less to Disney than it once did, the company has… Read More »Disney Results Today

Increased Earnings for 2007

The Walt Disney Company announced significantly increased earnings for 4th quarter 2007 as well as the year as a whole. For the year, earnings per share (profit divided by shares outstanding) grew from $1.64 in ’06 to $2.25 in ’07. This included one times benefits from the sale of E! Entertainment and Us Weekly. Excluding… Read More »Increased Earnings for 2007

More Sunday Reading

Although the parks in Orlando have long been a cash cow for the company — $4 billion would represent 13 percent of the total company’s revenue in fiscal 2004 — the division’s operating profit margin has been flat or falling for years. That means costs have been rising faster than the revenue coming in from… Read More »More Sunday Reading

Eisner’s Resignation Letter

CBS Marketwatch has the contents of Michael’s two-year notice letter. (And I thought I gave plenty of notice with my 1 month warning shots.) In his 20 years as CEO and sometimes Chair of the Walt Disney Company, Eisner helped guide the mouse house to record profits and through amazing downturns. The first 10 years… Read More »Eisner’s Resignation Letter

Business Good for Eisner?

Business Week Magazine does some analysis of the revenue machine that is The Mouse. Frolicking kids and free-spending parents will make Disney’s theme parks the biggest growth driver this year, figure most analysts I don’t know what oracle those analysts have been consulting, but the word I hear is that attendance is light at the… Read More »Business Good for Eisner?