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Hello Charlie – Charlie’s Angels returning to TV on ABC this week

Editor: Please welcome guest author Marshal Knight who will be joining The Disney Blog as the reviewer for Charlie’s Angels. We wish him luck! “Hello Charlie”, the infamous line from the hit 70’s and 80’s TV Show Charlie’s Angels has become a household phrase, and… Read More »Hello Charlie – Charlie’s Angels returning to TV on ABC this week

Robot Vinylmation Invades the Disney Store

The robots are coming! The robots are coming! Today, Disney Store announced the launch of its exclusive Vinylmation Robots series invading Disney Store locations nationwide and on Friday July 22nd. Disney Store artists who designed this series found their inspiration in the vintage wind-up… Read More »Robot Vinylmation Invades the Disney Store

Youtube Hit: The Cartoon Medley from FreddeGredde

The creator of the popular TV Theme Song video FreddeGredde, nee Fredrick Larsson, has come out with another great song. This one is seven minutes of your favorite cartoon theme songs. Of course this includes many Disney Afternoon hits like: DuckTales, Darkwing Duck, TaleSpin, Chip&Dale:… Read More »Youtube Hit: The Cartoon Medley from FreddeGredde

Captain EO Returns to EPCOT’s Imagination Pavilion

This is the original sign from when the attraction closed 16 years ago

When you think of EPCOT you don’t typically think Retro. After all it’s Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. And yet, there is something natural about having science fiction at the park in the form of Captain EO, even if it’s a flashback from the 80s. It’s nice of Disney to offer this tribute to superstar Michael Jackson.

This is the first time I can remember a warning sign for ‘Loud Noise’

Nostalgia is playing a big role across Walt Disney World and Disneyland right now. MSEP, World of Color, A Princess heavy Fantasyland, and Carsland all tug on our fondness for the past. This mix of nostalgia, entertainment, history is what Walt Disney loved and built with Disneyland. So again, it just seems natural.

Lot’s more below the jump…

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Retro Disney: Amiga – Disney Animation Studio (1990)

Check out the Computer Chronicles archive video from 1990 with Sam Palahnuk from Disney Software demoing the “Disney Animation Studio” for the Amiga. How cool was that. I wonder how many of today’s animators got their start with this software.

TRON Revisited (again)

Just yesterday we had a retro take on a trailer for the original Walt Disney film TRON. Now we have a modern take on the now visually retro feeling original film. But after you watch this trailer you’ll be ready to head out to the… Read More »TRON Revisited (again)

TRON trailer Saul Bass style

Here’s today’s bit of retro-glory, a fan made trailer for the original Tron movie done in the style of Saul Bass, whose style you’ll instantly recognize if you’re were alive in the 70s or watch classic movies. This amazing video is from Hexagonall on Vimeo.… Read More »TRON trailer Saul Bass style

Pixar’s UP coming to DVD November 10th.

I’m really looking forward to a chance to revisit Pixar’s latest amazing animated feature ‘UP’. That chance arrives November 10th when the film will be available on DVD and Blu-ray disc. To celebrate the release Disney*Pixar has made available 8 retro style posters celebrating the artistry of ‘UP’.

fly up retro poster

Also here’s a preview of the bonus short that will be available on the DVD – “Dug’s Special Mission – Dug In A Hole”.

Follow below the jump for seven more great retro posters:

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