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50 years of Disneyland sounds

In case you’ve been in a closet somewhere for the past 12 months, then you might not know it’s Disneylands 50th Birthday this year. Celebrations are set to kick off on May 4th with a huge press event (sorry folks, Disneyland is closed to the general public on the 4th) and a second event for… Read More »50 years of Disneyland sounds

Hong Kong Disneyland, now accepting reservations

According to a story on the hotel resorts at Hong Kong Disneyland are now accepting ressies for the September opening. Whether this will be a stunner or a bummer remains to be seen, but Disney’s first foray into the Chinese themepark market is bound to make waves.

Kissimmee-St. Cloud, where’s that?

The Osceola County Tourist Development Council wants you to know that the area just south and east of Walt Disney World is ready to receive your tourist dollars. As such, they’re launching an advertising campaign to draw tourists away from the higher end resorts of the Disney World and International Drive areas to their more… Read More »Kissimmee-St. Cloud, where’s that?

Contract Approved

The vote for the new contract at Walt Disney World was yesterday. The slightly revised version was approved. This means there will be no strike and that employees dreaming of picking up extra shifts are out of luck. It also means higher health care costs, less overtime, and hopefully a steadier schedule for the resorts… Read More »Contract Approved

Countdown to strike?

What happens when both sides of a contract negotiation take the hard line and refuse to budge. Usually it means a strike. Disney has made the unions a slightly modified contract offer and a vote is expected this Thursday. Since Disney has refused to extend the contract beyond Thursday a no vote from the union… Read More »Countdown to strike?

Strike Vote Details

More details on the strike vote from the Orlando Sentinel: Some union leaders said the prospect of a strike was not realistic. Under Florida law, not everyone represented by a union has to be a member. Of the roughly 22,000 members of the trades council, slightly more than half are members. This would mean that… Read More »Strike Vote Details

What the heck… another hurricane?

What the heck? Hurricane Jeanne, a few days ago looked to be harmlessly destined to skirt the coast of florida a few hundred miles to the east, is now tracked to slam into central florida. I’m sure the last thing the residents of Florida, the businesses, themeparks, and resorts (such as Disney World and Sea… Read More »What the heck… another hurricane?

Two Years Too Long?

Michael Eisner’s two year notice is about twice as long as the usual notice given from CEOs. I noted that this might be problem and writers at the LATimes seem to think so too. This long period of transition will allow for candidates to rise and fall and for various factions inside the company to… Read More »Two Years Too Long?