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Disney unwilling to enter F1

The 2010 season of Formula 1 is threatened due to a split between the car owners and the officiating body for the series. But that’s not the reason Disney gave for not wanting to sponsor an F1 team based in the US. Instead Disney reportedly… Read More »Disney unwilling to enter F1

Indy Racing Returns to Walt Disney World, sort of

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to zoom around the 1-mile long Walt Disney World Speedway at over 150 miles an hour? Well now thanks to the Indy Racing Experience you can. Check out this video: More at AutoRacingDaily.

Disneyland Paris first in line for new Formula 1 race

I know the story at this link is in French, but roughly translated it says that the old Formula One track in France has been declared non-workable by the racing league and that the Marne Valley location of the Disneyland Paris Resort is the leading… Read More »Disneyland Paris first in line for new Formula 1 race