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Disney unwilling to enter F1

The 2010 season of Formula 1 is threatened due to a split between the car owners and the officiating body for the series. But that’s not the reason Disney gave for not wanting to sponsor an F1 team based in the US. Instead Disney reportedly told USF1 that they declined sponsorship due to environmental issues surrounding the sport.

Disney may want to re-think that position as the biggest name in US Open Wheel sports might be moving to F1 one next year. Rumors about Danica Patrick making the leap to the championship series are growing louder every week. Either way I’d like to see Disney get back into motorsports where they can use those sponsorship dollars to insert influence on making the sport of racing more environmentally friendly. (Well, there is a new Motorbike series that races all electric motorcycles. Let’s bring that to Tomorrowland Speedway.)

Previously France and Disney had considered building a Formula One track near the Disneyland Paris resort. Those plans have since been scrapped.

2 thoughts on “Disney unwilling to enter F1”

  1. I could not imagine Disney spending $20 to $40 million on an F1 team, thats what they would have to spend because Disney would not want to be a little label on any car. It does not make business sense. All the Asians, South Americans, Africans and especially the Europeans (and Canadians too!) are coming over to the U.S. and Disney because of the value of the dollar

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