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pushing daisies

I Am In Mourning (or Robbing Hood: Pushing Daisies 2.7)

So, it’s true. Pushing Daisies has been canceled. Canceled. I’m so sad. And I guess the news sent me for a loop because I actually forgot to watch our favorite Pie show on Wednesday. What in the world? I mean, it may have had something to do with family from Mexico in town for Thanksgiving AND Christmas on Wednesday night. Or the big Turkey day on Thursday. Whatever the case, I have rectified the situation and am savoring every minute of my latest pie experience. (Plus, I highly doubt any of you were sitting around waiting for my recap on Thanksgiving morning. Right?)

Now, let’s hop right into it, shall we?

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Oh, Oh, Oh, It’s Magic! (Pushing Daisies 2.6)

First we had bees. (My favorite insect, if I had to choose.) Then we had clowns (did I tell you I used to have a job as a clown?). Then church (also had a job there). Then there was the escort service (did NOT have a job there). Next was a Chinese restaurant (definitely my favorite take out). And this week it’s magic (it’s the job I WISH I had!). You’d think they were writing this season of Pushing Daisies just for me! What? This isn’t my personal blog? Oh, you came here to find out about last night’s episode? Not about moi?

Well, I can’t help it if I want to have dinner at The Pie Hole. (Yes, dinner.) I can’t help that I wish Chuck, Olive and I were the Three Amigos. I can’t even help wishing Emerson would throw one of his snarky comments at me. So, I’m just sad that the buzz in TV land is that it might be canceled! Are you believing this?! The most creative, colorful (albeit, dark) show on TV, canceled?! Say isn’t so! *sigh*

Let’s step away from that dreary subject and get into last night’s episode. It was magic! Literally!

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Dim Sum Lose Some (Pushing Daisies 2.5)

Sometimes it’s the title that does it for me. I could just read the title of the Pushing Daisies episode and be satisfied. Remember the pilot, Pie-lette? (hee, hee!) When I read last night’s title, Dim Sum Lose Some, I knew it was going to be a good episode!

We begin again with young Ned at boarding school, this time entering a private roulette game in a classmate’s room. (You know, because most 8 year olds have their own roulette wheel.) And while young Ned loses his chocolate betting he learns that gambling isn’t for him. (Hmmm…sounds similar to Bad Habits, remember? Poor Ned doesn’t like to get dirty. They’re really working on Ned’s issues aren’t they?) According to our narrator gambling can give you an outcome you can’t see coming (that’s called foreshadowing, folks!).

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Frescorts (Pushing Daisies 2.4)

I think Pushing Daisies started early last night. Or maybe my TIVO started late. At any rate, I came in to the show to see a woman pushing a baby stroller down the stairs. It took me a few minutes to realize it was Emerson Cod’s Mama! Wow, we’re just delving into everyone’s family life aren’t we?

Oh, I think I’m jumping ahead. Let’s see here, I’m trying to think of a creative way to recap Pushing Daisies. As we are getting more into characterization, I’m less interested in the murders (altho’ wow, last night’s was kinda gruesome.) and more into the Pie-relations.

So, let me give you a BRIEF rundown of the murder…we’ll do it backwards, with no mystery. So, if you didn’t watch, AVERT YOUR EYES NOW…

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Bad Habits (Pushing Daisies 2.3)

I was going to live-blog this episode of Pushing Daisies. Basically because I’m trying to multi-task. But I guess the inability to do so is one of my bad habits. Speaking of bad habits…did you get tonight’s title pun? Because it took me all the way till right now to get it. *snicker* I likey.

One thing I usually never discuss in my amazing (and very wordy) recaps is the moral of each episode. Have you noticed? There’s always this parallelism between the murder and the relationships of our principal pie folks.

Today’s moral was summed up by the delicious Jim Dale while narrating young Olive Snook’s intro story, “Digging was messy work but it could unearth untold treasures.” So, while I gush about the costumes and the funny  names, let’s keep this in mind, shall we?

Now, let’s begin back at the convent with our long lost waitress…

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ABC to go in search of Aliens, Better Ratings

ABC is preparing to return to the world of ‘V’ a mini-series and then television series that focused on what like would be like if aliens came to earth. Whereas the the original ‘V’ was an allegory for authoritarian power like Nazism, this version is… Read More »ABC to go in search of Aliens, Better Ratings

Circus Circus (Pushing Daisies 2.2)

Is there anything creepier than a circus? As fun and exciting as they are, they also have this automatic freak-out factor. That’s what made it a perfect setting for tonight’s Pushing Daisies episode. I have to admit, I kinda like mimes and clowns, so to me this episode was hilarious.

Now, onto the Pie Hole!

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Bzzzzz (Pushing Daisies Season 2 Episode 1)

They’re baaa-aaack! Ned, Chuck, Emerson & Olive. They’re back! Our Pie friends are back! It has been way too long since I’ve been able to partake in the deliciousness that is Pushing Daisies.

After months of lame reality tv and the last few weeks of uber-dramatic premieres, I’m so happy to be immersed in the sweet sugary-ness of a dramedy. Pithy comments, one liners, zingers and oh! the creative names. *sigh * It’s good to be back in the Pie Hole.

If you’re new to Pushing Daisies and the Pie Hole, I suggest you head to Target and buy Season One on DVD. Or you could (shameless plug ahead) read all my past recaps.  Or you could have just watched the recap at the beginning of last night’s episode. They did a good job of condensing an entire season into about 4 minutes. Basically, Ned resurrects people for one minute and if he doesn’t touch them again, someone else will die in their place. Uhm…well, there’s nothing basic about this. But the point is, he can’t touch his girlfriend, Chuck because she’ll die. And in the meantime, they solve crimes with Emerson Cod and bake pies with Olive. While hiding their secret from almost everyone. Like I said, nothing basic about it.

Enough of that, let’s get to last night’s episode. And we’ll begin with the actual murder—let’s just get that out of the way so we can focus on the important stuff—like the characters.

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