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princess merida

Meeting Merida

At Disneyland, Merida has set up camp across from “it’s a small world.” At the Magic Kingdom, Merida is located on the edge of Fantasyland to the right of Cinderella Castle (as you face it from the hub). Both feature an animatronic trio of bear… Read More »Meeting Merida

Merida Meet & Greet Soft Opens at Magic Kingdom

While word of Disney’s first Scottish princess greeting guests inside a Disney themepark makes its way around the world to Scotland’s papers (she sounds Irish, they say), the Magic Kingdom has completed the transformation of the space originally created for Belle’s Story Time and subsequently used by Rapunzel and Flynn is now playing host to Merida.

Update: The Disney Parks Blog shared this photo on their Facebook page:

I didn’t have time to stand in line and get up close with Princess Merida myself, but you can get a general idea of the set up from the following pictures. Note the tartan and kilt worn by the cast member, is that a first outside of performing groups? There’s also a lot of fun new merchandise available (although I’m not too sure about the Merida sippy cup where you drink from a straw in the back of her head.. brains, I need brains… it’s Zombie Merida).

Can’t make it to the parks? Some of the above merchandise is available at the too.

Below the cut is a video from Ricky of Inside the Magic:

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Princess Merida – A First Look at Walk Around in the Parks

Just like a ride or a show, Disney’s walk around characters have soft openings where the character and their host get used to being in the park and interacting with guests. Princess Merida from Pixar’s Brave was recently spotted doing her thing near the International Gateway in EPCOT’s World Showcase.

I really love the character. Haven’t seem the film yet, obviously. But from the trailers it seems like they captured her well. My only beef is that she’s a bit too old compared to the young teen Merida appears to be in the movie. But I guess you have to meet certain realities when you’re in the park.

Another video below the jump:

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The Disney Store online adds Brave Merchandise

Excitement is growing for the June 22nd open of Pixar’s Brave. If your little darling wants to attend the movie in style, has your back. They’ve just added 18 great dolls, shirts, and costume items related to Brave and Princess Merida. Here’s a small… Read More »The Disney Store online adds Brave Merchandise

New Brave Trailer – Meet The Triplets

A new trailer for Pixar’s Brave continues our introductions to the family. This time it’s the triplets – Hamish, Hubert, and Harris. Yep they have names. Apparently they have a bear of a role to play in the film too. Previously: Meet the family: Princess… Read More »New Brave Trailer – Meet The Triplets

Disney Searches for Scot to Play Merida in Parks

As you might expect Disney is searching overseas for a few red-haired Scottish lasses to play Princess Merida from the upcoming Pixar animated film Brave. According to a story in the Daily Record, the ideal candidate would be someone who is bilingual (Gaelic and English),… Read More »Disney Searches for Scot to Play Merida in Parks