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Disneyland Cast Member Actually Exploded Dry-Ice Twice

The former (I assume) Disneyland Outdoor Vending Cast Member was arraigned for the Toontown blast today. He pled not guilty. As part of the proceedings we learned a bit more about the events of the day, including a surprising revelation – there was a second… Read More »Disneyland Cast Member Actually Exploded Dry-Ice Twice

The Unusual(s) Recap: Boorland Day

Editor: I’m pleased to welcome Joe Omundson to The Disney Blog as a guest author.

The Second Squad continues their unorthodox patrol of New York City in the second episode of ABC’s “The Unusuals.” If you missed John’s post from last week about the pilot, check it out!

The episode opens with a bank robbery ending with Det. Walsh (Jeremy Renner) tackling a robber holding a huge bag of money. The robber turns out to be a 17-year old honors student that just happens to belong to the wrong family. A string of robberies pop up and at one hold up the robbers left an onion. Yes, a big yellow onion in the big apple. This onion is the trademark of the Boorland family, hence the episode’s title, “Boorland Days”

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