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Here’s our latest look at the progress on converting Downtown Disney into Disney Springs. Lots of work going on near the Marketplace, the area of Pleasure Island that will become “The Landing,” and even on the Westside. The Parking garage looks good and the special pedestrian bridges are starting to take shape too. The only hitch for the parking garage is whether Disney can get final approval from the state to build the I-4 off-ramp that leads directly into the garage.

A few new ‘stores’ have been set up near Fulton’s Crabhouse. Looks like a way for a few concepts to get introduced to Downtown Disney crowds without a full store. If these work, they’ll probably move to one of the new shopping districts in The Landing or Disney Springs.

I have not idea why the volcano is undergoing construction again, considering it just opened earlier this year. But the rest of the construction has really started to move toward the final phases.

Below the jump, I’ve added a photo gallery with some highlights and a few details that didn’t make it into the video:

Earlier today we had a video with a Walt Disney Imagineer talking about the backstory that will unite Disney Springs once the transformation is complete. The first area, The Landing, will open in 2015.

Our latest construction update looks at progress at The Landing as well as other projects, big and small around the shopping and dining district that will soon be formerly known a Downtown Disney. Take special note of the new ferry boat dock. All three docks are back in operation now. Only the Marketplace location is now closer to Saratoga Springs than Rainforest Cafe. There’s also been quite a bit of progress on the first parking lot they’re constructing. Finishing that will be a welcome relief to the problems with finding a spot on those busy days.

Watch our short video for the gist of the changes

or head below the jump for a full multi-photo gallery of images from across the construction site.