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Euro Disney reports credit troubles

While the US Disney Parks report a light at the end of the recession tunnel, Disneyland Paris sees only trouble coming down the tracks. Apparently when the economy hits the skids, people stop coming to your theme park. This is bad if you just invested… Read More »Euro Disney reports credit troubles

Beautiful Frozen Scenes from Disneyland Paris

No matter what else you do today, make sure you get over to the Disney and More blog to see the strangely beautiful photos of Disneyland Paris with a heavy dusting of snow and some frozen waterways. The park has seen snow before, most memorably… Read More »Beautiful Frozen Scenes from Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris Free Ticket Offer

I’ve written a bit about the Central Florida theme parks offering deals on theme park admission (and they keep getting better ($99 for a week at Universal Studios Orlando)), but this is the first I’ve heard of the non-US Disney parks offering some sort of… Read More »Disneyland Paris Free Ticket Offer

Disneyland Paris first in line for new Formula 1 race

I know the story at this link is in French, but roughly translated it says that the old Formula One track in France has been declared non-workable by the racing league and that the Marne Valley location of the Disneyland Paris Resort is the leading… Read More »Disneyland Paris first in line for new Formula 1 race

200 million guests for Disneyland Resort Paris

After 16 years of spreading Disney magic across Europe, Disneyland Resort Paris welcomed its 200 millionth visitor this week. A lucky French family was chosen as the official 200th guest and were given free entry and a special dinner (no lifetime passes?). The park opened… Read More »200 million guests for Disneyland Resort Paris