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After Adventurer’s Club what next?

The UCF Student paper reports on the closing of all the clubs at Pleasure Island and the effect that will have on the larger percentage of the student body that works at Disney. “My friends, co-workers and my boyfriend, who also works in Animal Kingdom,… Read More »After Adventurer’s Club what next?

More Details on Changes coming to Pleasure Island and Downtown Disney

This just in from Walt Disney World. They’ve sent along more details of their bold new vision for making Downtown Disney even more family friendly and removing all of the more adult-targeted entertainment.

Some thing to note, it looks like the ‘Pleasure Island’ name may stick around, although I imagine the final decision has yet to be made on that.

Finally, they explicitly don’t mention “The Adventurer’s Club” in the press release. That tells me they’re waiting to see if there is sufficient desire from the public to save the unique themed experience. So get the letter writing campaigns and websites launched if you want to save it for future generations.

Of course there is always the rumor that “The Adventurer’s Club” will be moved and used as part of the new boutique park “Night Kingdom”, or whatever they’re calling these days.

Update: well this FAQ on the Pleasure Island official page says that Adventurer’s Club will be closing. It also says that in lieu of admission to Pleasure Island they’ll be substituting a round of golf at Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course… hmmm.

Additional details below the cut:

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