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Joe Ranft: Reactions continue

Reactions continue to role in and searches for "Joe Ranft" has risen to number 5 on the Technorati most popular search list. But still there is almost no mention of Ranft, his accomplishments, his career, and his affect on the Animation Industry in the larger media outlets. Chat at Pixar Animation Blog says exactly what… Read More »Joe Ranft: Reactions continue

More Speculation on Cause of Accident

OC Reg story says: There was no word from investigators as to the cause of the crash. However, some passengers reported that the purple coaster stopped about 20 to 30 feet from the docking station because an empty car was blocking the tracks. Passengers including Bromagen reported that while the purple car sat waiting for… Read More »More Speculation on Cause of Accident

Images from of Coaster Collision

This image from (more images with the story) shows the two roller coaster trains together. The Purple train ran into the back of the red train that sits to the right of the image. They are in a braking zone. The railing on the right of the track is an emergency unloading zone if… Read More »Images from of Coaster Collision to close August 7th

Roy Disney has announced that, the website from which he led his charge to oust Eisner, will be shuttered as of August 7th. That’s a shame because there is plenty good reporting there. Many articles express the hopes and dreams of so many cast members, artists, fans, and scholars for the Walt Disney Company’s… Read More » to close August 7th

Extreme Makeover: Paying it Forward to Television

With the success of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has come the recent copycat program on NBC Renovation Intervention (like renovating is a drug habit or something) Unfortunately, the show concept is what needed renovation and I don’t think I’ll be watching any more episodes of this NBC show. USA Today has an article on… Read More »Extreme Makeover: Paying it Forward to Television

Baby Born at Disneyland Resort

One of the urban legends that goes around from time to time is the one where if you are pregnant and have your baby at Disneyland you’ll get free admission for life for the kid. Whether this is true or not the park won’t say. They only say that very few babies have been born… Read More »Baby Born at Disneyland Resort

Disney Store Deal Official

CNBC and Reuter’s has breaking news that Children’s Place and Disney have made official the deal transfering control of the stores to the children’s retailer. It’s a shame that the cast members who worked hard to make The Disney Stores magical are getting the short end of the stick here. For instance, employees of the… Read More »Disney Store Deal Official

NFL Broadcast Deal, Where’s ABC/ESPN?

The NFL has arrived at a giant of a deal for the next 5 years of TV rights for NFL football. This deal is bigger than the MLB, NBA, and NASCAR combined. One little problem, ABC and ESPN have yet to deal with the NFL. The Sunday night and Monday night deal has been sweetened… Read More »NFL Broadcast Deal, Where’s ABC/ESPN?