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Making Memories Castle Projection Demo Video

Very nice demonstration of the new projection technology that will be the centerpiece of the “Let the Memories Begin” promotion at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. In Orlando, the projections will be on Cinderella Castle, as seen above. In Anaheim, projections will be on the… Read More »Making Memories Castle Projection Demo Video

Let the Memories Begin, Disney Parks Launch Latest Promotion (part two)

Part One of this article is here. The thought behind naming the new marketing campaign “Let the Memories Begin” is a sound one. Ypartnership is generally right on the money with their travel studies. Families are cutting back on extravagances, preferring instead to share an… Read More »Let the Memories Begin, Disney Parks Launch Latest Promotion (part two)

Tangled screens early for media

Select members of the media, mainly those with a long lead time for publication, were invited by Disney to see an early print of the 50th Animated Feature to be released by Walt Disney Animation Studios – Tangled. The film was about 60 percent animated… Read More »Tangled screens early for media

The Morning Report – Monday Monday

Come what may, I’ve got some open tabs to close: Chad Emerson interviews some folks from Disney marketing about the park’s merchandise. So now you know where those ideas come from. Tokyo Disneyland Resort welcomed its 500 millionth visitor last week. Appropriately it was a… Read More »The Morning Report – Monday Monday

World of Color hits the road

Disneyland wants to share the magic of it’s new World of Color show with other cities. They’ve composed a 5 minute show on the theme of love and hit the road. For their first stop Disneyland brought a splash of the World of Color show… Read More »World of Color hits the road

Walter Cronkite soft shoes for TRON

ProgressCity USA has uncovered one of the more unique moments in Disney history. A 1982 promotional clip featuring Walter Cronkite exploring the technology behind the special effects involved in the movie TRON. There’s a section where Cronkite is inserted TRON-like into a film where he… Read More »Walter Cronkite soft shoes for TRON