Marc Davis

Marc Davis Art on Exhibit

It’s hard to express how talented an artist Marc Davis, one of Walt’s Nine Old Men, was. You’ve no doubt seen his animation (Aurora, Maleficient, and Tinkerbell to name a few) and his concept art (Pirates, Country Bears, and Haunted Mansion are just the beginning),… Read More »Marc Davis Art on Exhibit

The master work of Marc Davis on 101 Dalmatians Cruella DeVil


I have been sent five (5) images of Cruella DeVil art as drawn by animator Marc Davis to share with you. These images are early color model cels created by Marc Davis in his development of Cruella DeVil for 101 Dalmatians. They were utilized to determine the final color styling for Cruella throughout her scenes in the film.


Marc Davis, one of Walt Disney’s legendary ‘nine old men’ of animation, was the only artist to work exclusively on Cruella throughout the entire film. This was a first for animation at the Walt Disney Studios. These images are graciously revealed by Marc’s widow, Alice Estes Davis, a Disney Legend in her own right.


Thanks Alice! Those were wonderful. Btw, when is Alice going to get her Window on Main Street at Disneyland?

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