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Disney News Round-Up!

There have been a lot of random Disney news stories appearing recently, so I thought I would bunch them all together so you don’t have to go searching! This will cover Parks, ABC, Disney Channel, Consumer Products…and MORE! (I realize I sound like a Ronco Rotisserie ad…after you read this you can set it…and forget it!)

  • Electric Holiday– This has become one of my “I am the only Disney fan that is SUPER EXCITED for this” moments (along the same lines as the Hercules 15th Anniversary Pin and the unveiling of the new Disney Parks promotion “Limited-Time Magic”). If you are unfamiliar…Barney’s NYC partnered with Disney this year for their annual holiday window display. This year follows Minnie and other Disney characters as they get ready to hit the runway wearing some of Barney’s most popular designers. This did get some controversy when the concept art was released and it revealed Disney characters in stereotypical super skinny model bodies. Personally, I feel like since this is animation, there is no argument (everything in animation is over-the-top anyways…), but it still sprouted over the interwebs. The teaser looks wonderful and I am overall excited to see the products and the full short!
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ABC’s New Friday Night Line-up Hopes to Recapture its TGIF Ratings


Back in the 1950’s up until the 1980’s, Friday night was THE night for television. ABC aired shows like “The Brady Bunch”, “The Flintstones”, and “Leave It To Beaver”, all which are now considered classics in their own right. Then, the 80’s came. All networks had trouble getting shows to pull in a large amount of viewers on a night that had become synonymous with social activity and being outside the house. ABC needed something to make them stand out.

So, in the late 80’s, the ABC team (specifically Jim Janicek) created a family friendly comedy block on Friday nights. Usually consisting of 4 half-hour sitcoms, these shows encouraged families to sit around the TV and relax after a long work/school week. During the 1989-1990 season, they started officially branding it as TGIF.

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