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Disney News Round-Up!

There have been a lot of random Disney news stories appearing recently, so I thought I would bunch them all together so you don’t have to go searching! This will cover Parks, ABC, Disney Channel, Consumer Products…and MORE! (I realize I sound like a Ronco Rotisserie ad…after you read this you can set it…and forget it!)

  • Electric Holiday– This has become one of my “I am the only Disney fan that is SUPER EXCITED for this” moments (along the same lines as the Hercules 15th Anniversary Pin and the unveiling of the new Disney Parks promotion “Limited-Time Magic”). If you are unfamiliar…Barney’s NYC partnered with Disney this year for their annual holiday window display. This year follows Minnie and other Disney characters as they get ready to hit the runway wearing some of Barney’s most popular designers. This did get some controversy when the concept art was released and it revealed Disney characters in stereotypical super skinny model bodies. Personally, I feel like since this is animation, there is no argument (everything in animation is over-the-top anyways…), but it still sprouted over the interwebs. The teaser looks wonderful and I am overall excited to see the products and the full short!
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad TV Show– As far as “WHAT THE!!!!” news stories, this one might take the cake. From the writer of Ice Age: Continental Drift and producer  Chris Morgan, of Fast and Furious fame, comes a “supernatural adventure drama”. Personally, I love westerns, I have a new found love for supernatural TV (I am addicted to 666 Park Avenue, might my new favorite of the season), and I love a good drama (though Scandal and Revenge have spoiled me, so not sure if anything could live up to them…), so this sounds very interesting. With Magic Kingdom, Jungle Cruise, Matterhorn, Haunted Mansion and Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride movies all in the works, it is very odd that they are taking this one the TV route…but we will have to see what pans out. (DO YOU GET IT?!? Pans? Gold Rush? No? Okay…)
  • Various ABC Musings– I thought I would include a quick recap of the new season thus far. The Neighbors, Nashville and Scandal have received full season pickups (ABC was still weary about Scandal since it only had 7 episodes its first season, so the first couple episodes’ rating confirmed that it is worth their time.). Personally, I couldn’t be more excited, since I love all 3! (Really, if you aren’t watching The Neighbors…you are missing out. It is so funny!)                       666 Park Avenue and Last Resort have gotten script orders, but rumors are saying that Last Resort will be getting the full season instead of 666. They might do both, but it would be unusual if they do since they have 3 new dramas waiting in the wings, eager to premiere. Last Resort started strong, but fell off a cliff right away. The past 2 episodes have been fantastic, so if the show continues on that level, I am excited to see it continue. 666, on the other hand, I thought, has been fantastic throughout. The right amount of scary to not make you have nightmares, but enough to make you nervous. The Halloween episode was its best yet, but the ratings still weren’t good. I hope a Christmas miracle happens and it gets picked up…but I’m hesitant to get my hopes up. Malibu Country and Last Man Standing, the 2 comedies making up ABC’s Comedy Friday have also received script orders, but both have a great chance of getting picked up for a full season. They are doing extremely well for the usually deadly Friday. With the outstandingly well-performing Shark Tank and these comedies, ABC has found a great Friday night line up that brings in the viewers! Also, for those not watching, I would give Malibu Country a chance. Is it Emmy worthy? Probably not…but, its a great, fun comedy to end your week on a comedic note.
  • Splitsville– An unofficial announcement has been made stating that this new 36-lane, 2-story bowling alley/restaurant will be opening in December. Since I live in Tampa, I have been going to my local one for years…so next time you are at Downtown Disney, head over and play a game and eat some great food in a fun and exciting new addition to the West Side! (Seriously though, The. Best. Chicken. Strips.)
  • Sophia The First– Don’t forget that Sunday, November 18th, that Sophia the First will premiere at 7pm on Disney Channel! I will be reviewing the premiere…so get ready!                         


Well that is it! Which one of these things are you most excited for? What are you watching on ABC this year? Who isn’t excited for Sophia the First? Let me know in the comments below! Until Next Time…Have a Magical Day!

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    1. I should have written how it has bounced back. It started so strong, then declined fast. The past two episodes, on the other hand, have bounced back to its pilot quality. Hope that clears things up!

      1. I kind of assumed that’s what you meant and I have to agree with you. I watch both 666 and Last Resort and agree with everything you said about them. Has The Neighbors really been that good? I quit watching it because I didn’t have time (being in college).

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