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Travel Safety Issues in Orlando

This week yet another sexual assault incident at a Water Park, this time Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, was covered by the local press. It may seem like there have been dozens of reports this year, but it’s really just a handful. That’s not to downplay the… Read More »Travel Safety Issues in Orlando

LEGOland coming to Central Florida?

I’m all about keeping Central Florida as the premier theme park vacation destination in the world. So I think it’s a terrific idea if LEGO wants to build one of their themeparks here. That’s the rumor that was just posted on Screamscape. The not-so-great part… Read More »LEGOland coming to Central Florida?

Visit Kissimmee, Win a Vacation

The Kissimmee Convention Visitors Bureau has put together one of the more creative packages I’ve seen to encourage more travelers to visit their fair city. Kissimmee is directly adjacent to Walt Disney World and is home to the Hwy 192 strip where you can find… Read More »Visit Kissimmee, Win a Vacation

Off-property Hotels in Kissimmee Really Hurting

Hotels along the Hwy-192 corridor in Kissimmee, FL were already feeling the pinch of lower occupancy numbers before this latest economic crunch. Disney’s ability to corral guests to on property hotels had been hurting the local hotels that were still reeling from the last poor… Read More »Off-property Hotels in Kissimmee Really Hurting

Hope for a large Kissimmee Theme Park?

Back in 2004 a group of Louisiana investors lay claim on a 450 acre property essentially adjacent to Walt Disney World (it backs the community of Celebration and I-4 and is accessible from Hwy 192). Unfortunately Katrina washed out those plans. Before that Doug Henning… Read More »Hope for a large Kissimmee Theme Park?

Disney Dining Experience at MLB Game!

One of the things Major League Baseball and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays is doing to boost attendance at their 2007 home games, is to have three regular season games played at Disney’s Wide World of Sports in Kissimmee. The goal being to show what a fun time it is to watch a nine inning… Read More »Disney Dining Experience at MLB Game!

Kissimmee Rebounds (a little)

Everyday I drive to work through the 12 mile long tourist trap that we know as Highway 192 (aka, Irlo Bronson Hwy). The area known as Kissimmee-St. Cloud was undergoing a recession even before 9/11. When the tourist dollars completely dried up in 2001, so… Read More »Kissimmee Rebounds (a little)