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New concept art from Aulani, the lobby revealed

Pictured above we have a newly released rendering of the main lobby area for Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa. Disney Imagineer Joe Rhode has been dispatched to keep an careful eye on the project and it looks like his background will come in very… Read More »New concept art from Aulani, the lobby revealed

Inside Walt Disney Imagineering, a new video

People sometimes ask me why Disney stopped producing video podcasts. I wondered about that too, but it looks like the video production never really ended. They just don’t call it a ‘podcast’ anymore. Now you can just subscribe to a couple YouTube channels and you’ll… Read More »Inside Walt Disney Imagineering, a new video

Video from Animal Kingdom’s 10th Anniversary

Compare the 10th anniversary of Disney’s Animal Kingdom to that of Disneyland or the Magic Kingdom and you’ll be disappointed in the company’s failure to property celebrate the wonder and magic created by this unique theme park. But taken on its face, the events on April 22nd were very well done and enjoyed by all who participated.

I took a few quick video snippets throughout the day and have compiled them into three videos. The first two are off the morning ceremony and a few moments from Joe Rohde’s speech on the creation of the DAK. The third is a “long photo” or mood piece (a genre I’m experimenting with to capture some of the details of the Disney experience). If the camera work is a little shaky, I apologize, but the text and meaning is there.

Part I: Morning Procession.

Part II: Morning Speeches — Erin Wallace, Jane Goodall and Joe Rohde.

That hooting by Dr. Goodall… that was the Chimpanzee call for “Thank You”. Being that close to Dr. Goodall is a bit like being in the presence of royalty. Her seal of approval means a lot to the staff of Disney’s Animal Kingdom and its well deserved.

For those of you with the inclination and time on your hands, has the full 45-minute talk given by Imagineer Joe Rohde. Joe is quite a good speaker and I learn many new things every time I hear him speak, this talk was no exception.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Reflections is below the cut:

Read More »Video from Animal Kingdom’s 10th Anniversary