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ioan gruffudd

ABC’s Forever “Dead Men Tell Long Tales” with guest star Cuba Gooding Jr.


I watched the first few episodes of ABC’s Forever and really fell in love with the concept and the characters. Ioan Gruffudd convincingly plays Dr. Henry Morgan, a NYC Medical Examiner who discovered he can never die. Alana De La Garza plays Jo Martinez, the capable NYPD Detective that pairs up with Henry to solve crimes. The supporting cast includes Judd Hirsch, Lorraine Toussaint, and Joel David Moore.

Henry’s long life has allowed him to gain certain skills valuable to survival. These including amazing observational skills and a rich depth of personal experience from which to draw on. The show has a lot of Sherlock Holmes elements to it, which I like, but also works as a police procedural. Finally, there is that ultimate mystery to solve. Why did Dr. Morgan develop his ability to life Forever?

Alas, a busy schedule caused me to fall behind on the series, but I just caught up with the last few episodes in time for the series to return from a short break.

In the newest episode “Dead Men Tell Long Tales,” we discover that when the owner of a treasure hunting salvage company is murdered, the investigation leads Henry and Jo on a chase to find the missing ship’s gold and the killer, but they unearth a lot more than they bargained for. Ironically, the ship is the one where Henry was first killed. Read More »ABC’s Forever “Dead Men Tell Long Tales” with guest star Cuba Gooding Jr.

ABC Cancels Selfie, Orders Full Season of Forever

I hope you weren’t just getting into ABC’s sit-com Selfie? It has been canceled. The show starred John Cho and Karen Gillan in a modern retelling of “My Fair Lady.” Unfortunately, I think most audience members (myself included) saw it as a one trick pony.… Read More »ABC Cancels Selfie, Orders Full Season of Forever