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ABC Cancels Selfie, Orders Full Season of Forever


I hope you weren’t just getting into ABC’s sit-com Selfie? It has been canceled. The show starred John Cho and Karen Gillan in a modern retelling of “My Fair Lady.” Unfortunately, I think most audience members (myself included) saw it as a one trick pony. I thought the writing and acting was above average, I just couldn’t find myself regularly watching. Also, I feel the subject matter was pretty limiting as its ‘lessons’ about turning off the internet and joining real life, is exactly what the target market enjoys doing. You’re never going to attract an audience by offending them.


ABC’s Forever received better news as it got picked up for a full season. Forever follows the story of Dr. Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd) as he tries to solve the mystery of why he can’t die. Along they way he puts his powers of observation to work to solve actual criminal cases with the help of Detective Jo Martinez (Alana De La Garza). The chemistry between the two main characters explains a lot of the success of this show, but it has great supporting cast as well. Despite over 125 years of Sherlock Holmes stories, I doubt audiences will ever tire of a great detective story. Forever, adds just enough twist to keep it fresh for each episode. If you’re not watching, it’s not too late to tune in. A few of the earlier episodes are available to watch online.

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