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Instapic: This is a blank sign.

from Instagram: This is a blank sign. Well, almost. It appears to be an illustration of trees and ferns in front of trees and ferns. Look there are trees and ferns here. Anyone know what the point of this sign is?

Instapic: Where can you find this Goofy character?

from Instagram: The two Disney Earport stores at Orlando International Airport are often the first and last encounters guests have with Disney Magic on their Orlando vacations. Do you have any special routines that involve the MCO Disney stores?

Instapic: Show Your Disney Side

from Instagram In the Magic Kingdom, multiple signs around the hub are encouraging guests to show their Disney side. This was as close as I could come that day. But like many others, I’m sure. I am making plans for the 24-hour day coming up… Read More »Instapic: Show Your Disney Side