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Prior to last night’s NFL Super Bowl XLIX, we showed the 2000 halftime show, which was the last time Disney was asked to put on the halftime performance. But they had done the production five times prior.

Fun bit of trivia: The first ever Super Bowl halftime show in 1967 was produced by Tommy Walker, who was the Entertainment Director for Disneyland.

Although one Richard Sherman played for the Seahawks last night, the first time a Richard Sherman was in the super bowl was in 1977 during the first Disney produced “it’s a small world” themed half-time show. We don’t have video of that show, but we do have the 1991 show which featured It’s A Small World, New Kids on the Block, and giant Disney inflatables. What’s not to like?

Imagine if they’d trotted out that show last night instead of Katy Perry? What do you think the world would make of that?


You’ve just performed the hit song from Disney animation’s biggest ever hit film on stage at the Oscars, watching it win said Oscar minutes later, how are you going to top that? For Adele Dazeem Idina Menzel, it was a trip to the Tonight Show with new host Jimmy Fallon and the show’s band “The Roots” for a cover (can you cover your own song?) of “Let it Go” using only toys and classroom instruments.

It was just uploaded last night and already the video has 2.3 million views. It’s sure to become a classic, but if you haven’t seen it yet, we can help:

I like that the toy alphabet blocks Jimmy grabbed are L-I-G for Let it Go. Full instrument list below the jump: