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Finding Nemo Icons installed at Art of Animation Resort

Walt Disney Imagineer Ryan Parrish offers the first sneak peek inside Disney’s Art of Animation Resort at Walt Disney World Resort, as well as a look at the three large character icons featured in the “Finding Nemo” courtyard. Here’s the concept art again: How do… Read More »Finding Nemo Icons installed at Art of Animation Resort

Cute Disney Emoticons

Via designer and illustrator @JoeyEllis comes a set of ‘cute’ Disney themed twitter emoticons. Click to see the whole set. Previously we saw Joey’s amazing 1933 Mickey Mouse themed mural for his son’s bedroom.

Mickey’s cousin Micky?

From PBS’ History Dectectives comes the story of a mouse toy named Micky patented in 1926. But wait you say, isn’t that two years before Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney’s beloved icon was first unleashed in Steamboat Willie? Why yes it was. Read the full transcript of the show (in PDF) then click below for more…

Read More »Mickey’s cousin Micky?

Disney wins rights to distribute next Gibson film

After missing out on Mel Gibson’s $600 million dollar "The Passion of Christ" Disney has bid for and won the rights to distribute Gibsons next film, "Apocalypto". In winning the deal, Disney had to commit to stringent distribution terms. Stepping up to finance his second straight directorial effort puts Gibson is league with George Lucas,… Read More »Disney wins rights to distribute next Gibson film

Happy Birthday Disneyland!!!

Dear Disneyland, There’s been a lot of celebrating going on. But I’m afraid the real real reason for the happiness has been lost amid the corporate boardroom battles, budget issues, marketing gobbledygook, and the need to appease the behemoth your legacy has become. But don’t worry, we fans remember you. We know that it’s your… Read More »Happy Birthday Disneyland!!!

Secrets of The Incredibles

Okay. You’ve owned your DVD of Pixar’s The Incredibles for a few weeks now, have watched it at least four times (onces normal, once with both commentaries, and once more to catch all the little things you missed the first three times) and nwo you are wearing a laser rut through the special features. What… Read More »Secrets of The Incredibles

Snap to it Disneyland!

They’ve painted the castle pink…. Bright Flamingo Puke Pink. They have even colorized the bricks to be a bunch of different colors. It’s always been off white with blue tiers. It is supposed to be Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Now I’ll watch Sleeping Beauty again, but I’m pretty sure that her castle was NOT pink. It’s… Read More »Snap to it Disneyland!

The Uncanny Valley

The Uncanny Valley is a term used in animation to talk about how there is a point at which computer generated animation looks wholy unhuman before it begins to look human again. The Incredibles, by design, is on one side of this valley and The Polar Express is on the other. Read on to get… Read More »The Uncanny Valley