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Snap to it Disneyland!

They’ve painted the castle pink…. Bright Flamingo Puke Pink. They have even colorized the
bricks to be a bunch of different colors. It’s always been off white
with blue tiers. It is supposed to be Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Now
I’ll watch Sleeping Beauty again, but I’m pretty sure that her castle
was NOT pink. It’s iconic, and they’ve changed it. It’s like saying
that they want to "restore" the Statue of Liberty and replace all the
copper so that it is back to being copper colored instead of what
happens to oxidized (totally spelled that wrong) copper.

Paige over at SnapDragons is back from her trip to Disneyland. While there she saw some good stuff and some bad stuff. I agree with her conclusion… I sure hope Eisner’s replacement can bring back some of the magic that has been tarnished the last decade or so.