Snap to it Disneyland!

They’ve painted the castle pink…. Bright Flamingo Puke Pink. They have even colorized the
bricks to be a bunch of different colors. It’s always been off white
with blue tiers. It is supposed to be Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Now
I’ll watch Sleeping Beauty again, but I’m pretty sure that her castle
was NOT pink. It’s iconic, and they’ve changed it. It’s like saying
that they want to "restore" the Statue of Liberty and replace all the
copper so that it is back to being copper colored instead of what
happens to oxidized (totally spelled that wrong) copper.

Paige over at SnapDragons is back from her trip to Disneyland. While there she saw some good stuff and some bad stuff. I agree with her conclusion… I sure hope Eisner’s replacement can bring back some of the magic that has been tarnished the last decade or so.

7 thoughts on “Snap to it Disneyland!”

  1. We’d gone to Disney World a few years back and we’d sworn we’d never go to another Disney park again (we even re-named the park… Misery World and the Tragic Kingdom).

    But we’ve just returned from Disneyland and, to be honest, I was oh-so-pleasantly surprised! We’ve been re-Disneyfied! I always felt the smaller park was better. It seems somehow more true? Maybe more consistent. There’s still so much of the old stuff to enjoy.

    I was disapointed by some of the bizarrely out-of-place new stuff. Maybe different stuff. So much of it seemed like mere whims of ideas rather than real inspirations. In those places, there was none of that familiar Disney magic. Or very little… like in the fairly recently refurbished Tarzan tree, or the retro “Tomorrow Land” (which isn’t about tomorrow at all). These aren’t original ideas, instead they end up being a sort of mockery of all of Mr. Walt Disney’s originality.

    Or at least, this was my impression. The submarine ride. It may have needed a face lift while it was still there (and many of the rides still need a face lift) but when do most kids, or anyone for that matter, get to ride in a sub? What kind of creative genius would decide to take submarines out of the Disneyland world?

    At least Storybook Land is still there. Thank goodness.

    The air of the old Disneyland is still strong. It seems to have it’s distinct and magical grip around everything. But this new world is slowly encroaching. This newer Disney is not a world of wonder and jaws dropping. Of becoming a child and loosing oneself. This other encroaching Disney, it’s something else… I’m not sure what, but I always imagine men in plaid jackets hiding around corners, waiting to sell me sell me something. I want them to go away.


  2. I just came to your website to see if there was anything new posted and read the first couple of lines and….you guys almost gave me a heart attack! Warn a girl first!

    But now that I’m over the shock I’m very honored…and my goosebumps won’t go away. Wait, there they go. Thanks!

  3. I’m an east-coast guy so we go to Disney World a bit. I was there when that castle was made up to look like a birthday cake. I have to say that I didn’t like that too much either. The good news is that it was eventually restored to a more “natural” look.

  4. They’ve painted Sleeping Beauty’s Castle PINK?! Aside from the fact that pink is an absolutely terrible colour, I don’t remember it being pink in Sleeping Beauty, and I have watched that movie repeatedly.

  5. I was there in October with a group of friends. They were working on repainting it at that point. We were not impressed at all. The parts they hadn’t gotten to yet looked so much better then the “new and improved” parts.

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