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Pixar Incredibles 2 Blu-ray Auntie Edna with Jack-Jack Short – Sneak Peek

Pixar’s “Incredibles 2” ruled the box office lassoing more than $1 billion in ticket sales. Disney is expecting similar success when the movie becomes available on various home entertainment platforms. One of the most anticipated bonus features on the new Incredibles 2 digital/blu-ray release is… Read More »Pixar Incredibles 2 Blu-ray Auntie Edna with Jack-Jack Short – Sneak Peek

Warner Drops HD, Stick With Blu-ray

Warner Brothers Entertainment (including, presumably, New Line Cinema) has been supporting both the HD-DVD and Blu-ray formats in the high definition DVD market.  However, the company is now dropping HD and continuing to support Blu-ray, the same format Disney supports. Blu-ray got a big boost in June when Blockbuster Inc. announced it would stock only… Read More »Warner Drops HD, Stick With Blu-ray

More Home Viewing News

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Vudu is offering HD movies online the same day they’re released on DVD. Owners of Vudu’s set-top box, which costs $399, use a high-speed Internet connection to watch the movies they rent and to download the ones they buy. Movies usually are released in staggered windows in different formats — DVD, online through Xbox Live… Read More »More Home Viewing News

Blu-Ray vs. HD Update

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Gary Gentile of the Associated Press brings us an update on the DVD format battle.

People who own an HD DVD player can forget about watching "Spider-Man 3" in high definition when it goes on sale during the holiday season. The movie from Sony Pictures will only be available in the Blu-ray DVD format. Likewise, people with Blu-ray players won’t be able to enjoy the action-thriller "The Bourne Ultimatum," which Universal Pictures will release only in HD DVD.

These exclusive arrangements, plus aggressive price cuts for high-def DVD players, are designed to persuade consumers to finally embrace one format or the other.

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