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Warner Brothers Entertainment (including, presumably, New Line Cinema) has been supporting both the HD-DVD and Blu-ray formats in the high definition DVD market.  However, the company is now dropping HD and continuing to support Blu-ray, the same format Disney supports.Blu-ray got a big boost in June when Blockbuster Inc. announced it would stock only Blu-ray
Vudu is offering HD movies online the same day they’re released on DVD.Owners of Vudu's set-top box, which costs $399, use a high-speed Internet connection to watch the movies they rent and to download the ones they buy. Movies usually are released in staggered windows in different formats -- DVD, online through Xbox Live and
The battle between HD vs. Blu-ray continues.  Meanwhile, a Disney cast-off will shut down its home viewing service. More after the jump. Gregory Solman brings us another piece on the HD vs. Blu-ray fight, from a marketing perspective.The marketing battle is shifting business alliances and influencing the advertising of consumer electronics and the movie releases
Gary Gentile of the Associated Press brings us an update on the DVD format battle.People who own an HD DVD player can forget about watching "Spider-Man 3" in high definition when it goes on sale during the holiday season. The movie from Sony Pictures will only be available in the Blu-ray DVD format. Likewise, people