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Hidden Mickey

Christmas returns to Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom

The new look gives you a clear shot of Cinderella Castle from anywhere on Main Street

It’s that most wonderful time of the year again. Christmas has returned to the Magic Kingdom and with it, miles of beautiful holiday decorations, including something new this year.

2014 brought Festival of Fantasy, a new parade, to the Magic Kingdom, with new fantastic floats. A few floats are just too tall to fit underneath the old garland arches that use to drape Main Street every holiday season. So Disney devised a decorative wall-mounted arm as a new look for Main Street USA. It’s still very festive and it has the added bonus of providing a clear view of Cinderella Castle. If you look close you can even spot a hidden mickey.

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Royal Guest Rooms at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Contain Hidden Magic

Part of the joy of staying on property at Walt Disney World is that you never have to leave that magic envelope. Richly themed hotels, world famous service, and well apportioned rooms keep the Disney experience going 24/7. A few years ago, Disney decided to kick that up a notch higher by bringing the immersive story telling its famous for in the parks into the guest room itself. It started with a few themed covers, some details on the walls, and a color scheme, changes that were well received. Now, with the new Pirate and Royal Guest Rooms at Port Orleans, the level has been raised again.

The Royal Guest Rooms, re-imagined accommodations fit for a prince or princess, opened at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort in March 2012. 512 themed rooms with ornate beds trimmed with dazzling crystals and gold accents, story time elements, and “magical fireworks” swirling about are now welcoming guests.

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Interview With Steven M. Barrett, Author of Hidden Mickeys

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Steven M. Barrett, Author and Mouse Hunter

If you’ve been to the Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World, or even on a Disney Cruise, chances are you’ve seen people walking around with a bright yellow book and a tendency to periodically stop and stare at rather obscure signs, windows, and random bits of architecture. Those folks are hunting Hidden Mickeys. Be very, very quiet.

The book in question is by Steven M. Barrett, and is part of his popular series titled Hidden Mickeys: A Field Guide to (insert Disney location here)’s Best Kept Secrets. There’s also an app for that!

Each book offers a number of Hidden Mickeys for Disney guests to search for on their visit. What is a Hidden Mickey? “A partial or complete image of Mickey Mouse that has been hidden by Disney’s Imagineers and artists in the designs of Disney attractions, hotels, restaurants, and other areas. These images are designed to blend into their surroundings. Sharp-eyed visitors have the fun of finding them.” — from Hidden Mickeys: A Field Guide to Disneyland Resort’s Best Kept Secrets, Chapter 1 “Hidden Mickey Mania”

Barrett has been canvasing Disney parks (and ships) to track the elusive Hidden Mickeys for over 20 years. He’s found a few.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Barrett via Skype about his books, the website that they have spawned (, and life as America’s most-celebrated Hidden Mickey hunter.  Read More »Interview With Steven M. Barrett, Author of Hidden Mickeys

Attention to Detail or Tribute To The Past?

Joshua Gans writes in the Harvard Business Review how Disney’s Attention to detail pre-dated Steve Jobs. You can debate whether Disney’s attention to detail, which supports the story being told, and Steve Jobs attention to detail, which is more focused on achieving an emotional state,… Read More »Attention to Detail or Tribute To The Past?

Hidden Mickeys goes Mobile

More than any other, the one Disney guidebook I see being carried around Walt Disney World is Steven Barrett’s Hidden Mickeys: A Field Guide To Walt Disney World’s Best Kept Secrets (fifth edition). But that is about to end? Why because you can now buy… Read More »Hidden Mickeys goes Mobile