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Harry Potter

Oz Returning to Theaters?

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UK site Digital Spy reports that another Oz (of "Wizard of Oz") film is being planned by Time Warner, apparently in a way that would be an effort to pick up the torch for Warner Brother’s "Harry Potter" series and New Line’s "The Lord of the Rings" series, both Time Warner offerings.  Just about everyone… Read More »Oz Returning to Theaters?

Morning Round Up – June 28th reports that movie patrons who see Ratatouille during the opening weekend can bring their Ticket Stub into the Disney Store and receive a free Ratatouille Pin. Is there really discontent at Walt Disney Animation Studios now that Lasseter and Catmull have imported The Pixar Way to the once floundering group? Steve at The Animation… Read More »Morning Round Up – June 28th

Narnia: Interview with two young stars

I’m betting that somewhere in Burbank there are a lot of crossed fingers and rabbit’s feet right now. They’ll need all the luck they can’t to break out of the Hollywood Box Office slump. The studio is trying to tap into the audiences of both Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings with the Narnia… Read More »Narnia: Interview with two young stars

A Local’s view of Press Junket at Disney World

Starfish is a recent transplant to the Orlando area. Like most the first thing she wanted to do was get to Walt Disney World and soak in some of the fun. Well, what would happen if that first day was a press junket and celebrity event like the one that happened May 5th of this… Read More »A Local’s view of Press Junket at Disney World

Bootleg Disney Toys

I love this collection of Bootleg Disney Toys. Some of them are so ‘on model’ that its hard to believe Disney didn’t release them, well except for the cheesy packaging and poor quality molds, etc… ‘Joe’ also has a wide collection of other bootleg toys to peruse. (Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Pixar’s A Bug’s… Read More »Bootleg Disney Toys


CNN picks up the story of Jim Hill’s booting from Disneyland as a result of his rogue tours. More bad publicity for Disney. (Update: btw, just thought I’d point out that Jim Hill is technically not a blogger but is in fact online magazine. CNN calling Jim a blogger has erked some people.) Meanwhile Jim… Read More »Roundup

It’s a Small Chocolate Factory, after all.

Alright, it’s not a Disney film, not even a Miramax film, it’s Warner Brothers (the people that brought you the Harry Potter films), however the remake of Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory is much anticipated by Disney fans all over. So, if you want to see the Disney connection just use Tim Burton (Nightmare… Read More »It’s a Small Chocolate Factory, after all.