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Harry Potter

Narnia, the next big thing?

Disney’s filming a ‘live action’ version of the Chronicles of Narnia. Some artwork made it onto the net this weekend. C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien were contemporaries and there is hope up in Burbank that this will be the next Lord of The Rings, or even Harry Potter, at the box office. If not there’s… Read More »Narnia, the next big thing?

Disney expands Comic Book Holdings

In a deal it hopes will produce a trove of new properties to exploit across various media, Walt Disney Co. has bought the assets of CrossGen Entertainment, a comic book publisher whose fantasy and sci-fi titles include "Abadazad," "Mystic" and "Route 666." This is another sign of Disney coming to accept the shift in reading… Read More »Disney expands Comic Book Holdings

J.K. Rowling, the anti-Disney?

Perry at Samizdata ponders about the constitution of children and why they’re often treated with kid gloves by Disney while J.K. Rowling appears happy to kill one off everynow and then. To this I say Rubbish. More Disney films feature the loss of one or both parents then I care to count. If the parent… Read More »J.K. Rowling, the anti-Disney?