It looks like Walt Disney World Sports has a hit on their hands with the new Princess Half Marathon Weekend. Congratulations to Liza Galvan of San Antonio for winning the inaugural event. The weekend featured other runs and events which attracted more than 11,000 runners making it one of the largest endurance race weekends geared towards women.


Above participants in the Royal Family 5K pose with Beauty and the Beast prior to race during Disney’s Princess Half Marathon Weekend at Walt Disney World. Thousands of women from every U.S. state and 17 other countries took part in the inaugural event that is part of a three-day celebration of women’s health and fitness.  (Todd Anderson, photographer)

The full press release is below the cut:

John Lucas wins Disneyland Half-MarathonJohn Lucas, winner of this morning’s half-marathon at Disneyland, is a real fan of Walt’s magical kingdom. He proposed to his then girlfriend at Disneyland and later honeymooned there as well. Lucas was so excited to run the half-marathon, he even set a new course record. Congrats to the Eugene, Oregon resident. Eugene is still track and field headquarters.

I love this picture of Lucas crossing the finish line. It looks like Mickey Mouse is so excited he’s levitating right off the ground. And check out the size of Minnie Mouse’s sneakers, I doubt she could run 10 feet in those.

The full press release is below the cut: