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Jan Stratton, Universal and Orlando has lost a star

The community of Orlando has lost one of its real stars. The Orlando Sentinel reports that Jan Stratton was pronounced dead at ORMC tonight. My heart felt condolences go out to her husband Jack Cudworth and their children. Stratton was Vice President of Community and… Read More »Jan Stratton, Universal and Orlando has lost a star

Disneyland’s 12 days of Giving

The Disneyland Resort and its Cast Members give back to the community 365 days a year, but at no time is it more evident than during the 12 days of Christmas. Cast Members join together to participate in toy and food drives, adopt families and… Read More »Disneyland’s 12 days of Giving

Toys for Tots and Disney’s Heart of Gold

60 years ago, Toys for Tots delivered their first toys to needy children in the Los Angeles area. Since then, they have distributed over 370 million toys to over 173 million needy children all across the United States. But did you know their logo was designed by Walt Disney? It was created back in 1948… Read More »Toys for Tots and Disney’s Heart of Gold

Ovitz Case: Minutia

If you thought Disney War was light reading, then you’ll be happy to dive into the Conglomerate Blog Forum on the Ovitz/Disney Shareholder case. The general concensus seems to be that corporations and their boards have wide leeway to pretty much do as they like as long as they’re following the rules that they themselves… Read More »Ovitz Case: Minutia

Giving Up the Ghost

Roy Disney, you just gave up the good fight against the un-Disney ways of the companies Board of Directors, CEO, and President. What are you going to do next? How about launch a race of billionaire’s yachts from California to Hawaii. Disney’s Yacht, Pyewacket, is a favorite to win in the race that starts Sunday.… Read More »Giving Up the Ghost

Disney requiring finger scanning for admission

One of the most frequent email questions I get is in regards to the finger scanning system that is now required for admission into the Walt Disney World properties. Tripp asked: Do you have any additional info on the story on – – about Disney requiring the finger printing/scanning of ALL guests? I’ve… Read More »Disney requiring finger scanning for admission

Gargoyles Comic: The writer speaks…

Anyway… I’ll be the writer. THE ONLY WRITER. So those of you looking to trade me in for Joss Whedon or Neil Gaiman are SOL. Greg Guler will be the Art Director. He may not pencil every issue, but he’ll be making sure that every issue looks damn good. Marty, as usual, will handle the… Read More »Gargoyles Comic: The writer speaks…

Big day at Disney Themeparks

Today is a big day of events at Disney themeparks around the world. The kickoff of the 18 month long celebration of Disneyland’s 50th anniversary begins today. If you can’t be there yourself, I suggest keeping a close eye on‘s coverage. They have live photos from the parks including celebrities from yesterday’s invitation only… Read More »Big day at Disney Themeparks