• Disneyland Paris targeted by ticket resale scammers

    Disneyland and Walt Disney World aren’t the only Disney theme parks targeted by ticket resale scammers, two people have been arrested in France on suspicion of reselling tickets bought via credit card fraud. According to police, the men were arrested while attempting to resell the fraudulently obtained tickets at the…

  • Fake Disneyland Tickets on Craigslist
    Fake Disneyland Tickets on Craigslist

    Alisa Yenokyan, a 22 year old woman from Hollywood was arrested last week for allegedly selling fake Disneyland tickets she advertised on Craigslist to unsuspecting buyers. Dozens of families were duped and didn’t even realize it until they arrived at the theme park and were turned away. Yenokyan’s alleged scam…

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