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Disneyland Paris targeted by ticket resale scammers


Disneyland and Walt Disney World aren’t the only Disney theme parks targeted by ticket resale scammers, two people have been arrested in France on suspicion of reselling tickets bought via credit card fraud.

According to police, the men were arrested while attempting to resell the fraudulently obtained tickets at the entrance to Disneyland Paris. The investigation has revealed at least $655,000 in illegal sales and potential lost revenue for Disney.

The accused criminals used codes from stolen cards to by a large number of tickets to the parks via the web and then resold them to the public. After the fraud was reported, Disney had to refund the payments to the card holders or their banks, but the tickets had already been used.

Disneyland Paris has been working closely with authorities since at least August 2014 after the park lodged a complaint about the activities.

Authorities and Disney have reportedly tightened security around online ticket sales to prevent this from happening in the future. They’re also stationing personnel at the park entrance to restrain illegal reselling of tickets.

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