Castle 5-6: The Final Frontier

A murder at a science fiction convention. Anyone not expecting a Firefly reference or two? I certainly was, yet they still made me laugh.

The fictional show that our murder revolves around is Nebula 9. This cheesy show only lasted 12 episode and that was 10 years ago (Firefly reference in the number of episodes and how long ago it aired). Castle has no use for it, saying he prefers Star Trek, Galatica, and that Joss Whedon show (reference #2). Of course, Beckett turns out to be a fan of Nebula 9, something that Castle can’t stop teasing her about, although he is also begging to see her in the uniform she wore at the time as a fan.

At this convention, there is the “fan experience.” Created by an ubber fan of the show (who bought the rights to it cheaply), this “show” allows fans to pretend they are members of the crew and act out an episode with the original captain, or at least the actor who played him.

And after one such performance, the creator of the fan experience is found dead in a prop on the set.Read More »Castle 5-6: The Final Frontier

Castle 4-21: Headhunters

Once upon a time, Nathan Fillion was on a little show called Firefly. They have made references to it over the years on Castle, but as far as I remember, they have never had any of his co-stars guest on the show.

Until last night.

In case you were wondering what the big deal of Adam Baldwin guest starring on Castle was, now you know. He was one of Nathan’s co-stars on that short lived cult show. Frankly, I’d be curious to know how many people turned in just to see the two of them on screen together again. Now I’ve got to admit that I was a casual viewer of Firefly (before my boycott almost anything and everything Joss Whedon days), so I remember Adam Baldwin best from the just finished Chuck.

But I digress.

Last night opened with a homeless man walking up to a corpse. No, he wasn’t trying to figure out if he could still help the guy; he wanted to rob him. All that changed when he found three severed heads on the guy.

Cut to Castle, who’s trying to overcome a bad case of writer’s block. His muse of Beckett isn’t helping him at all, and since she is prepping for court, they won’t have a case to work on. Of course, he isn’t sure how much time he wants to spend with her, but that’s beside the point. Then he catches the breaking news of the case and decides that he needs a new muse.

This new muse is Slaughter, Adam Baldwin’s character. He’s a member of the gang task force, and he’s gotten this case because the victim was the member of a gang. (I think it was Irish.) Slaughter is a loner (just like Beckett was at the beginning of the series or so we think at the beginning). In fact, his last three partners have died, two on their first day as his partner.Read More »Castle 4-21: Headhunters