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Finding Nemo

Pretty Decent Weekend for Disney

Looks like Disney had a pretty decent weekend at the box office holding the 1st, 2nd, and 8th spots on the chart. This almost makes up for the string of flops they suffered earlier in the year. Any one care to predict the final take for The Incredibles? Will it beat Finding Nemo‘s $340 million?

Disney’s Top Animated Features, an online community for teens and twenty somethings, has posted their top ten list of Classic Disney Animated Films. The Lion King rules the roost beating out some of the more recent films including those by Pixar. Here’s the total list:     Bolt’s Top 10 Animated Movies     1.  The Lion King… Read More »Disney’s Top Animated Features

Turtle Talk with Crush at EPCOT

A new attraction has just opened at Epcot. Turtle Talk with Crush is part of the continuing Finding Nemo overlay of the Living Seas Pavillion. The new attraction is an interactive show with Crush, the dad turtle from Finding Nemo, where guests are encouraged to ask questions and Crush imparts some of his philosophy of under water life.

For instance, on our visit we learned some of the many uses of the word ‘Dude’ and helped the Crush-Dude identify a human piece of apparel he found littering the beach. We also learned some of the aspects of turtle live such as how many children they can have and to leave any nests of eggs we find alone.

Read More »Turtle Talk with Crush at EPCOT

The Incredibles, Box Office Winner Again

The numbers are in and it looks like The Incredibles has had another spectacular weekend bringing in $54.1 million and placing it atop the weekend earning chart. Earning over $144 million in ten days, The Incredibles is on the pace to match the success of Finding Nemo.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch…

There is a letter from the editor pleading with Jay Rasulo and Matt Ouimet to give Disneyland’s Tomorrowland the love and care it deserves. Specifically the editor would like to see the return of the submarine attraction in some form. The subs are permanently gone from the Orlando resort now (the whole lagoon has… Read More »Meanwhile, back on the ranch…

Incredible BOFFO

Earning an estimated 70.7 Million Dollars The Incredibles beats Pixar’s previous best weekend opening numbers from Finding Nemo. That’s a good sign if you ask me. The three-day weekend total was the best ever for a film released by Disney, and Saturday’s $29.4 million was the highest single-day tally for Disney. Not too shabby there… Read More »Incredible BOFFO

Movie Posters for Pixar’s The Incredibles

Empire Movie Reviews posts four posters for the upcoming Pixar flick “The Incredibles”. Movie opens November 5th. This movie is a little bit of a departure for Pixar. It steers away from the child friendly pictures like Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Monster’s Inc., and toward movies made for the older children in the family… Read More »Movie Posters for Pixar’s The Incredibles