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Incredible BOFFO

Earning an estimated 70.7 Million Dollars The Incredibles beats Pixar’s previous best weekend opening numbers from Finding Nemo. That’s a good sign if you ask me.

The three-day weekend total was the best ever for a film released by Disney, and Saturday’s $29.4 million was the highest single-day tally for Disney.

Not too shabby there either. has further details.

2 thoughts on “Incredible BOFFO”

  1. I was part of Saturday’s Big Take, and loved every minute of this movie. I’ve now seen numerous reports on The Incredibles — and, phrasing this carefully so as not to spoil anything — I have not yet seen a word about, ehrm, two familiar gentlemen who appear toward the end of the film, and who are observing superheros and make certain comments. That was probably my favorite moment in the whole picture, and I just want to say God Bless Pixar for putting that bit in! Pure genius!!

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