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Donald Duck shills for Recording Industry

A recent Swedish edition of a Donald Duck comic book was caught shilling for the recording industry printing an anti-file sharing message in the book. The moral message in the short episode could easily be interpreted that illegal downloading is wrong and that the artists… Read More »Donald Duck shills for Recording Industry

The Rush to Online Video Partnerships

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Mike Shields at Media Week reports that NBC has entered a deal with Vmix Media,, which is compared to YouTube. Just as Viacom escalates its conflict with YouTube by saddling the Google-owned video site with a billion-dollar lawsuit, NBC has inked a partnership with VMIX Media, a broadband technology company that also operates the… Read More »The Rush to Online Video Partnerships

Disney Mobile Rings Up Sales has a new article about how Disney Mobile is raking in the sales and providing great synergy with Disney’s existing products. From Cell Phone Wallpapers to ringtones, the products are affordable and aimed at the youth market. "The kids are snapping up these ring tones," says Rubin. "They’ll spend $2 for a ring tone… Read More »Disney Mobile Rings Up Sales