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fairy tales

Once Upon a Time 1-16: Heart of Darkness

After last week’s dark episode and the title of this one, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It thought it might be very dark. And while it wasn’t happy go lucky and was more in keeping with the darker tone of this half of the season, I definitely enjoyed it.

Plus we finally got back to amnesia Snow White. That really helped me enjoy the episode because I am so invested in Snow/James because of all the complications they’ve put in their way that we aren’t expecting.

In fact, let’s start there. Our first look at Fairy Tale was of Snow White working around the dwarfs’ cottage and whistling “With a Smile and a Song” from the Disney movie. There’s a blue bird in the room, and Snow reaches out her hand. The bird flies over to her finger. And then Snow tries to crush it with her broom. And the bird flies around the room, she keeps whacking at it. It’s chirping is too cheerful for her. Grumpy comes in and leads her to an intervention with the other dwarfs and Jiminy Cricket. Turns out that without her memories of James, Snow has become a very different person – a bitter, angry, vindictive person. As the dwarfs try to convince her she has changed (she’s even making Happy sad by breaking his mug), she decides that the way to regain her happiness and the life in a palace she deserves as a princess is to kill the Queen.Read More »Once Upon a Time 1-16: Heart of Darkness

Once Upon a Time 1-14: Dreamy

When it comes to fairy tales, the biggest question that has never been answered is, why is Grumpy grumpy? Okay, okay, so I’ve never really wondered that, but that’s what was explored on this week’s Once Upon a Time. We even got a cameo by a guest star from a couple episodes back and Amy Acker as a new character. Here’s hoping they can get her back as well.

The parallels between the Fairy Tale romance of Dreamy (aka Grumpy) and Nova the fairy and the Storybrooke relationship between Leroy and Sister Astrid were fun. Plus we also got an update on Katherine’s disappearance.

We’ve got lots of ground to cover, so let’s start in Fairy Tale.Read More »Once Upon a Time 1-14: Dreamy

Pixie Hollow Games set for Disney Channel this fall

An all new animated special “Pixie Hollow Games” is set to premiere on the Disney Channel this fall. Popular Disney stars from “The Suite Life on Deck,” “Shake it Up!” and more provide the voices along with Broadway actress Megan Hilty (Wicked, 9 to 5.) John Lasseter… Read More »Pixie Hollow Games set for Disney Channel this fall