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Once Upon a Time 2-10: The Cricket Game

Only one episode back, and already the twists are coming fast and furious. Okay, so there was little that surprised me in this episode (thanks in large part to the episode description on my DVR before I started watching where I had the first 15 minutes nailed), but wow, I can’t imagine where they are going to go from here.

Oh yeah, and did I mention I truly feel sorry for Regina. I was tearing up with her at the end. I never would have guessed I’d feel that way last year. Awesome character development.

So, let’s get to it. And let’s start in the Enchanted Forest that was.Read More »Once Upon a Time 2-10: The Cricket Game

Once Upon a Time 2-7: Child of the Moon

As much as I am enjoying this season, I will admit I miss having all the characters in every episode. I fee like we are only getting advancements on some of our stories each week, and I’m greedy. I want more!!!!!

Having said that, this week was enjoyable. I felt like I was often half a step ahead of the characters, but even so, I liked seeing how things turned out.

We spent the majority of our time in Storybrooke this week, so let’s start there. As the episode opens, the dwarfs are about to quit their mining for the day, only Grumpy isn’t ready to go. He takes one more swing at the wall of the mine, and tumbles down into a room. They quickly call Charming, who brings Henry and the Blue Fairy. She confirms they’ve found the diamonds from which fairy dust can be made. She tells Charming to keep the hat safe because they will be using it to bring Snow and Emma home again soon. (Was that the Blue Fairy or a different fairy? I can’t remember right at the moment, but I fairly certain it was. Not that it really matters.)

Sadly, we’re only 3 minutes into the episode. You should never make those kinds of promises so early in an episode.Read More »Once Upon a Time 2-7: Child of the Moon

Once Upon a Time 2-6: Tallahassee

As per usual on Once Upon a Time, we had two stories, one in the present and one in the past. The twist for this episode was that the present story took place in Enchanted Forest and the past story was Emma’s story from 11 years ago in our world. And if you are doing the math – that’s right. We just met Henry’s father and proved one theory correct.

We’re going to start in our world past this week. Our first look at Emma 11 years ago is as she is stealing what we think of as her yellow VW Bug in Oregon. Just as she is taking off with it, she finds someone in the backseat. Since he has the keys, she assumes he is the owner, but when a cop pulls them over, she learns the truth. This man, Neal Cassidy, doesn’t own the car either.Read More »Once Upon a Time 2-6: Tallahassee

Once Upon a Time 2-4: The Crocodile

Another episode, another fractured fairy tale. As I believe I had mentioned last week, I love Peter Pan as a whole, so I was interested to see what they were going to do with Captain Hook. It’s added another layer to the story, and I think it is going to make things very interesting.

Let’s start back in the day of the Enchanted Forest.Read More »Once Upon a Time 2-4: The Crocodile

Once Upon a Time 1-22: A Land Without Magic

I’d read that the creators completely changed the game in the season finale of Once Upon a Time. It left me wondering what in the world they were going to do. I had a guess, and it turns out that guess was correct. And, as they predicted, it’s left me wondering where they are going next year.

The episode started in Fairy Tale this time as poor James was struggling to get out of his jail cell. Just as he loses the rock he’s using to bang on the lock, two guards show up to take him to his execution. Yep, Regina lied about releasing him if Snow ate the apple. Really surprised, aren’t you? But James manages to overpower them and make a break for it. Unfortunately, he’s immediately cornered by two more guards, but then one guard shots the other with an arrow. And that guard? The Huntsman. Even knowing he’d be back, it was a shock when we saw him. He gives James provisions for the journey and sends him out to find Snow.Read More »Once Upon a Time 1-22: A Land Without Magic

Once Upon a Time 1-21: An Apple Red as Blood

My brother and sister-in-law have stopped watching all previews for future episodes of shows they like because they feel these previews give too much away. And I completely agree with them. I just can’t help myself from watching them. This time, the preview gave away the ending of the episode. But that didn’t stop it from being gripping. And I can NOT wait until next week to see what happens next. (BTW, we need to be working on theories of the season ending cliffhanger because I will do much better waiting all summer if I can guess what’s coming.)

In the world of Fairy Tale, we got the next chapter in the Snow/James saga. When last we’d seen them, James had been captured by his “father” and Snow was promising to come for him. She’d better hurry because King George isn’t wasting any time in executing James. Then again, James pretty much dares him to, saying he would rather die for love than live with the riches he was offered to play the part of the prince. But as the guillotine is falling, the blade turns into water. Wait, what? That’s what everyone is thinking until Regina walks in. She is willing to pay George for James, what George would have gotten from the marriage. James is a trap for Snow White.Read More »Once Upon a Time 1-21: An Apple Red as Blood

Once Upon a Time 1-20: The Stranger

True confessions time – my brain is fried. As I mentioned in my Castle recap yesterday, I spent Monday and Tuesday this week at Disneyland. Then the last two days have been crazy busy at work. So my insights into Sunday’s Once Upon a Time won’t be quite up to par. But that just gives you an opening to point out all the cool connections I missed.

The Fairy Tale portion of the episode focused on Pinocchio and crossed over into our world. It started with the ending of what we know of the Pinocchio story. We watch him sacrifice his life for his father Geppetto. As a reward, the Blue Fairy turns him into a real boy with the warning that if he isn’t brave, noble, and truthful, he will turn back into a puppet.

But then the Blue Fairy comes back for another visit to ask Geppetto to build the wardrobe that was used to send the baby Emma to our world ahead of the curse. Again, we hear how Emma is the only one who will be able to break the curse. The wardrobe would have enough magic to keep two people safe, James and the pregnant Snow. However, Geppetto says he will only build it if one of those sent through to safety is Pinocchio. The Blue Fairy agrees to lie and say only one person can go through since Emma will still have her mother to raise her and teach her about her true destiny.Read More »Once Upon a Time 1-20: The Stranger

Once Upon a Time 1-19: The Return

There are lots of mysteries in Once Upon a Time, and one of the burning ones is who is August W. Booth. Last night did not answer that question, but it did shoot one theory out of the water. And we learn the fate of Rumplestiltskin’s son – sort of. Oh yeah, and we get a clue about what happened to Kathryn. Yeah, there was a lot happening as always. I feel like they are building up to a season finale or something.

Our story in Fairy Tale focused on Rumplestiltskin. We open with a shot of a boy chasing a ball. He’s not paying attention and winds up almost getting trampled by a horse and cart. The owner is yelling at the boy until he realizes who the boy is. Immediately, he starts apologizing. The boy almost leaves when his dad, Rumplestiltskin, shows up. He’s willing to let the merchant off with a warning, but then he realizes that his son skinned his knee. Enraged, Rumplestiltskin turns the man into a slug and then steps on him.

His son is quite upset by the change in his father as evident by the scene we just saw. He begs him to give up his magic, but Rumplestiltskin explains that the only way to do that is to be stabbed by the dagger with his name on it, which would kill him and give the powers to the attacker. His son makes him promise that if he can find another way, then Rumplestiltskin will follow it.Read More »Once Upon a Time 1-19: The Return