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Disney’s “Enchanted” Sequel gets title

Disney had a breakout hit with “Enchanted” in 2007. The sweet, but smart, film skewered Disney princess films at the same time it honored them. We reported in July of 2014, that a sequel had been approved by Disney Studios and we now have a… Read More »Disney’s “Enchanted” Sequel gets title

Enchanted 2 Signs Scribes Moves Closer to Reality

If you recall how Disney’s Enchanted ended, Giselle (Amy Adams) ended up with her prince (Patrick Dempsey) and a successful career in fashion in the real world, while Adele Dazeem (played by Idina Menzel (I’m joking)) got her man in the animated one. The whole… Read More »Enchanted 2 Signs Scribes Moves Closer to Reality