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Even though Walt Disney World has four themeparks, two water parks, and ESPN Wide World of Sports, if you want to celebrate Halloween, you’ll have to visit the Magic Kingdom during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party to do so. Disneyland, on the other hand, has spread the season out over both its theme parks. Of course, Disneyland has its own ticketed event (on 14 nights this year), but there is plenty to do during regular park hours too

I love this commercial released by Disneyland to entice guests to visit during the season. It features animated classic villains enjoying the parks in their own special way:

The Halloween season at Disneyland runs through October 31st. And includes special transformations of the Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain, dance with the Mad T Party band, and a chance meet Mickey Mouse and his friends in Halloween costumes. New this year are special experiences at the Halloween Carnival at Big Thunder Ranch and more mysterious fun joining the Astounding Cauldron of Magic.


If I bought every item of merchandise that caught my attention in the last few years, I’d not only be broke, but would be buried up to my neck in hats, t-shirts, and Christmas ornaments. Disney World’s team in merchandise design has done an amazing job with all manner of wearable and collectible fun. Here’s one of the newest lines of merchandise that I think has some great potential.

Not only are there a baker’s dozen of Disney princess and villain themed Christmas ornaments in the shape of high heels, but there is a pajama/louge-wear outfit that highlights those same shoes.