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Pixar’s ‘Elemental’ Shows A Lot of Potential

We’re getting closer to the June 16 release of Pixar’s Elemental—the studio’s 27th feature and, arguably, its first romantic comedy. (RIP, Newt.) Set in the fantastical Element City, the film follows fiery Ember and sappy water guy Wade. The couple must navigate their many differences… Read More »Pixar’s ‘Elemental’ Shows A Lot of Potential

Be Brave and See It

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My boys and Merida strike a pose at Disney California Adventure (she’s usually in Disneyland, but she made a special appearance for Cars Land Media Day).

Pixar took some lumps after Cars 2 was released. There were more than a few people that believed that it was not up to Pixar’s standards. I was one of them (all is forgiven thanks to Cars Land!). Don’t worry, Brave (and La Luna) has Pixar back on the pedestal where it belongs.

Brave is set in Scotland, and it follows the contention between Princess Merida and her mother, Queen Elinor, over the fate of the former — and it wasn’t something pulled from a previously existing fairy tale, but rather the real experience of story creator Brenda Chapman (except she isn’t Scottish royalty). According to Brave Director Mark Andrews (pictured below), “Brenda Chapman came up with the storyline and the characters, and it came out of her being a parent and her trials and tribulations with her daughter.”Read More »Be Brave and See It