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A Cars Land Teaser

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Let me just say that Cars Land at Disney California Adventure is exactly what you want it to be, except you would probably want more. That’s not to say it’s a small land (after all?). I attended the grand opening of DCA’s newest area, and it was much bigger than I had anticipated. However, it is so fun that it leaves you wanting more, which, if I’ve learned anything from television, is a good thing.

The park officially opened today, June 15, 2012, but my family and I were Disney’s guest at the DCA media day on June 14, which, by coincidence (or is it?) is my oldest son’s birthday (Atticus, 9) and this happened:

John Lasseter, the busiest man in the park, took a good ten minutes to talk to my family about Cars Land, the new additions to the World of Color show, and just general stuff. Then he insisted, seriously insisted, that my youngest son, Zane, and his “Lightning McQueen red” sweater, also take a photo. They said, “Ka-chow!”

I have tons (and tons) of photos, videos, information, and opinions to share with you about the newest additions at the Disneyland Resort, so check back often this weekend!

9 thoughts on “A Cars Land Teaser”

  1. where exactly is Carsland located at CA?
    What’s the best way to “race” to the staring line once the park gate opens?

    1. Cars land is located at the right back side of tower of terror and bugs lands.
      When you go through the new Buena vista street it curves to your left and is near the bugs life 3D show.

    2. The best way to reach Cars Land is to go straight past the fountain/hub at the end of Buena Vista Street and it will be on your left just after Bug’s Land.

      Cars Land can also be accessed through Bug’s Land and the Pacific Wharf dining area.

      Radiator Springs Racers is at the end of the street in Cars Land, and to the right.

      The Fast Pass distribution for Radiator Springs Racers is actually located outside of Cars Land, back on the main path between Carthay Circle Theatre and the entrance to Bug’s Land.

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  3. Little Miss Disney

    I’m flabbergastered. I expected a few cars and a street – maybe a Leaning Tower Of Tyres on a good day – but this is way over my expectations. Imagine a girl who’s just fainted in her chair with her laptop on her lap and this page on screen – that equals me. And John Lasseter is just the vanilla-flavoured award-winning icing on the giant cherry-flavoured cake that is Cars Land. Maybe I’m a bit late, but happy birthday.
    Little Miss Disney x x x

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