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Videopolis: Whistle Stop

I’m a big fan of Disney’s Robin Hood movie. Not only does it have two characters sharing my name (Little John / Prince John), but it came out in 1973, so it was probably the first animated film I saw in theaters (I would have… Read More »Videopolis: Whistle Stop

Meet the man behind Disney’s Magic Music Days

Another great interview from Blooloop this week. Chad Emerson visits with Tim Hill, the Director of Special Programs for Disney Destinations, LLC.  Tim shares some innovative youth programs at Disney as well as an exciting anniversary for Magic Music Days. I was wondering about those… Read More »Meet the man behind Disney’s Magic Music Days

The Princess and the Frog: Behind the Music

Anika Noni Rose, Princess Tiana, takes us on a very special journey through the music from The Princess and the Frog. The soundtrack hits stores November 24th or pre-order it now from Amazon. Save over 25% if you pre-order. Also see here’s the music video… Read More »The Princess and the Frog: Behind the Music

The dial for Radio Disney Jams goes all the way to eleven

The dial on the best selling ‘Radio Disney Jams’ series now goes all the way to eleven. On January 27th Walt Disney Records will debut Radio Disney Jams 11 which showcases hits from Radio Disney’s Top 30 chart with artists such as Jonas Brothers (“Burnin’ Up”), Miley Cyrus (“Fly on the Wall”), Demi Lovato (”Get Back”), Taylor Swift (“Teardrops on My Guitar”) and American Idol finalist David Archuleta (“Crush”).

In addition to the 15-track CD, Radio Disney Jams 11 includes a bonus music DVD featuring five full-length videos (“Right Here, Right Now” from High School Musical 3, Varsity Fan Club, Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus and Jordan Pruitt). Two clips – Miley Cyrus’ “Fly on the Wall” and Jordan Pruitt’s “One Love” — are live concert performances from Disney Channel’s highly-rated “Disney Channel Games” 2008.

The bonus disc also includes two Artist Sneak Peek videos. “Hannah Montana’s” Mitchel Musso talks about his song “The In Crowd” with Radio Disney entertainment reporter Jake from “Celebrity Take with Jake,” a popular on-air and online feature. The “Making of the Album” piece also highlights two other tracks, “Odd Man Out” and “Let’s Make This Last 4Ever” (written by Musso). All three songs will appear on Musso’s forthcoming debut album on Walt Disney Records.

Below the cut you’ll find the track lists and the video for the Jonas Brothers “Burning Up” which is one of the tracks. Believe it or not this video has been viewed over 55 million times on YouTube. That’s a popular piece of music.

Pre-order Disney Radio Jams 11 now on Amazon.

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Trendspotting Disney Music

Jennifer Carole makes a living by tracking trends and patterns among youth culture. So her words have extra weight when she takes Disney to task for the way they’re handling marketing to tweens. Last week I sat through three different sessions at the Ypulse National… Read More »Trendspotting Disney Music

Oh Disney Musical, Where Art Thou?

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I distinctly remember when it hit me. I was walking out of
the theater back in 2001 after watching Atlantis: The Lost Empire and I had
this feeling like there was something just not quite right. Atlantis wasn’t a
horrible movie, so it wasn’t disappointment. It was just this nagging feeling
like there was something missing.

That was
when it hit me. There were no musical numbers.

It was a
startling revelation. I began to wonder, were my favorite Disney movies so
heavily influenced by music that the absence of a strong musical tie such a
shock that I actually disliked the movie for that reason?

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