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How to Land a Musician Gig at Walt Disney World

Nick Rosaci is a local Orlando musician who performs in various groups around town. He also works as a sub at Walt Disney World. At this point you’re probably thinking, I’d love to have his job. Turns out he has some great advice on how to do that.

I sub at the Grand Floridian Hotel, which houses a society orchestra that plays mostly old jazz from the 1920s to 1940s. On a regular basis, I have questions from people all the time about how one goes about getting hired as a Walt Disney World musician. On one hand, it’s quite simple: you audition and get hired, like any other musical organization. On the other hand, Disney’s talent employment process is quite unique.

Read more over at, a community for working musicians. Even if you can’t form a note if you wanted to, the article is also a great primer for how Disney World uses music across its parks.