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Music of Disney Concert in Tales from the LaughingPlace Magazine

Tales from the LaughingPlace Issue 13 Cover

Tales from the LaughingPlace Issue 13 Cover

Just got word from Lindsay Cave at Tales from the LaughingPlace Magazine that issue 14 will have feature on the “Music of Disney Concert” that was recently held in London and will be broadcast on December 26th on BBC Radio. You can find in in a new section called “Teasing Tales.”

Tales from the Laughing Place was exclusively invited to cover the rehearsals for the show. The photographs featured here are from the afternoon rehearsal prior to the evening’s performance. Complete coverage of this event will feature in Issue 14 of Tales from the Laughing Place and include interviews with performers Ashley Brown, Kerry Butler, Heather Headley and Disney’s music maestro Chris Montan along with photographs from three rehearsal sessions.

After seeing the exclusive teaser photos and  content, I really want to see this show; but alas, BBC’s website usually blocks out programs like this to outside countries. Update: Here’s the link to listen to the show. It looks like it isn’t geo-restricted either. That’s good.

A few of the performers who participated in the concert include big Broadway names like: Josh Groban, Ashley Brown, Tituss Burgess, Kerry Butler, Maria Friedman, Drew Sarich, Heather Headley and Adam Pascal.

You can subscribe to Tales from the LaughingPlace Magazine at The Store. Makes a great Christmas gift if you’re still looking for one.

3 thoughts on “Music of Disney Concert in Tales from the LaughingPlace Magazine”

  1. I attended this concert, it was a truly spectacular event. There were a few gaffs,there always are when something is being recorded for radio or tv.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, there was such a mix of entertainment and of course it all revolved around Disney music, fantastic!
    The highlight for me was Josh Groban singing “When you wish upon a star” at the end. Absolutely Brilliant! Josh’s voice resonated throughout the auditorium. Looking forward to re-living the experience again on Boxing Day – thanks to BBC2, job well done.
    Jerusha xx

  2. No, no, no!

    Anyone, anywhere in “ze” world, can listen to “zis” radio show ON LINE from December 26 and for 7 days on!

    How’s that for great news?!

    Go there

    and click on “listen to the show” on said date or there after!

    I am overjoyed Miss Ashley Brown is one of the artists: in my humble opinion, she’s a great talent and a very underrated performer!

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