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Disney Cruise

Morning Roundup – July 24th

The 50 Greatest Quotes from Walt Disney World‘s shows and attractions are at Port Canaveral has been the host port for Disney’s two cruise ships since a contract to build a custom terminal for the floating theme parks was signed in 1995. Negotiations are on-going between the two parties to continue that relationship, but… Read More »Morning Roundup – July 24th

New Cruise Line Chief

Tom McAlpin, the No. 2 executive at Celebration-based Disney Cruise Line, has been promoted to president of the Walt Disney Co venture. McAlpin reports directly to Al Weiss, president of the Walt Disney World Resort. (OBJ) The Disney Cruise line has been one of the real successes for the company. No body can deliver the… Read More »New Cruise Line Chief

Disney Cruise Unable to Port

Here’s a little bit of interesting news. The storm surge from Frances pushed so much sand into Port Canaveral it reduced the depth to a level that the larger ships can no longer pass through the entry channel into the port. None of the larger ships including the Cost Guard and all of the cruise… Read More »Disney Cruise Unable to Port

Frances Fury Forces Changes

I can’t believe it’s only been three weeks and I’m already talking again about how a Hurricane will affect Disney Property, its employees and guests, and the people who live in the area. Last year when they warned it would be a tough hurricane system, the results only fizzled. This year they warned it could… Read More »Frances Fury Forces Changes

101 ways not to start a vacation

So you’re on the way to your first trip on the Disney Cruise line. You get picked up at the Disney World resort by a stylized bus that puts you in the mood right away for all the rest and relaxation you can handle on your trip across the carribbean. All’s going well as you… Read More »101 ways not to start a vacation