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Disney Channel

Miley Cyrus Crashes Gay Days at Disneyland

When Miley Cyrus, aka Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel show of the same name, celebrates her “Sweet 16” with a gala special ticketed event at Disneyland on October 5th, she’ll be crashing an event that has had the first weekend in October to itself… Read More »Miley Cyrus Crashes Gay Days at Disneyland

Muppets return to TV, woo hoo!

This August 3rd, set your DVRs to the Disney Channel to record “Studio DC: Almost Live.” The Muppets look to return to form in a half-hour, music-filled sketch comedy show that will feature many of The Disney Channels current slate of stars, as well as… Read More »Muppets return to TV, woo hoo!

Camp Rock rocks and more

Camp Rock’s Disney Channel premier beat High School Musical 1 for eyeballs, but failed to match the explosive debut of HSM2. I’m pretty sure Disney doesn’t care, 8.9 million eyeballs for a cable television is still pretty amazing. Don’t forget that beginning today will… Read More »Camp Rock rocks and more

Mickey Mouse manipulation

The other day I ran across this postcard of Mickey Mouse through the years. I used to have the full size poster up in my room as a teenager. With a few notable departures (CG Mickey in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Runaway Brain (which hearkens… Read More »Mickey Mouse manipulation

High School Musical 3 Poster is released

The third, but not the final High School Musical movie will be coming to theaters everywhere this October 24th. Here’s the first poster released for the film to whet your appetite. Are you ready for your Senior Year?

Making the Next Miley Cyrus

If there is one thing Disney has proved itself qualified at recently, it’s creating teen idols to keep the attention of America’s latest consumer class, the pre-teen girl. Forbes follows the seemingly pre-determined career of Demi Lovato as she goes through the same machine of… Read More »Making the Next Miley Cyrus