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Star Wars Rebels Getting Good Start Schedule Has Quick Return

“Star Wars Rebels” is a new animated TV show for Disney XD that kicked off on October 3rd with a special screening on the Disney Channel. According to Disney, the hour-long special did good numbers.

The actual numbers attracted by the new Star Wars show is an estimated 2.7 million viewers, almost half of which were children ages 2 to 11. Over 3.8 viewers watched internationally. Of course, the broadcast viewership skewed toward young boys.

Here Disney and Lucasfilm introduce Star Wars Recon, a new video series that will take us behind the scenes of the production:

Now that the series has been introduced, it will move over to Disney XD beginning on October 13th. To help get the world out, the animated series will be promoted at New York Comic Con this week. The first episode features an appearance from a couple of droids you may be familiar with.

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Tokyo Disneyland – New Video of Damage to Neighborhood, Performer

New video has just been uploaded that shows recent footage of damage to the neighborhood near Tokyo Disney Resort. This car is driving right by the resort, see the Cirque Du Soliel building go by on the right early in the clip. Then look to the side of the road and cracks in the road. Sometimes the ground has shifted by a couple of feet. That whole area will need new paving, new power lines, new street lights, bus stops, etc.

This, of course, is nothing compared to what the Tsunami ravaged sections of Japan have experienced. But it does shed some light on how soon we might expect any of the Tokyo Disney hotels or Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea to reopen.

There’s still quite a lot of clean up to do.

Here’s video of a local news station interviewing a Tokyo Disney performer upon her return to the US. There’s also a few shots of the damage done to her apartment and neighorhood:

Below the jump is new video from inside Tokyo Disney Sea taken just before and after the quake:

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Disneyland Fantasyland Rides shut down due to smoke

Disneyland narrowly avoided disaster yesterday after an electrical conduit box was found to have sparked and charred the wood around it. As most of Fantasyland, including the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle, is built primarily of lumber and plywood, the whole land could easily burn down… Read More »Disneyland Fantasyland Rides shut down due to smoke