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Disneyland Fantasyland Rides shut down due to smoke

Disneyland narrowly avoided disaster yesterday after an electrical conduit box was found to have sparked and charred the wood around it. As most of Fantasyland, including the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle, is built primarily of lumber and plywood, the whole land could easily burn down in a major fire. As it was, the source of smoke was quickly found and controlled. Power was turned off to Pinocchio as a safety precaution and that shut down most of the Fantasyland rides as they are on the same circuit. Most rides were back on a few hours later. And everything is expected to be open today.

Even though the facades and interiors of Fantasyland got a major rehab in 1983, much of the lands infrastructure dates back to 1955, which is a problem around the park. There have been some modernization projects over the years and it’s not clear if this electrical equipment was original or updated.

More at the OC Register.

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  2. I find it hard to believe that one circuit can be enough to power most of Fantasyland. Now there may be one branch of power, which has multiple circuits on it, but I doubt there would only be one circuit with one breaker for all of Fanatasyland.

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